All About Biki
Feb 10, 2022
Todd Boulanger, Exec Director of Bikeshare Hawaii
All About Biki

Our speaker, Thursday February 10, will be Todd Boulanger, executive director of Bikeshare Hawaii. An expert in urgan and regional planning, Todd's experience ranges from pedestrian and roadway safety, to family health services planning, to water resources planning to light rail technology. This is the place to have all your questions about Biki answered.  

Our meeting will be in person at Waikiki Yacht Club. Please join us in person or by Zoom. To join us either in person or on Zoom, please use the following link to RSVP:


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Todd Boulanger Bio Executive Director, Bikeshare Hawaii

Todd Boulanger (“boo-lawn-jAy”) has more than 20 years of experience in transportation planning and mobility consultation with a special focus on designing complete streets, researching transportation trends, parking operations, operating bike transit hubs, and marketing mobility services. Before joining Bikeshare Hawaii, Boulanger served as the VP of Operations and Facility Design for Bikestation and its mobility hub facilities nationwide. Prior to Bikestation, Boulanger was Alta Planning and Design’s Deputy Project Manager for the Abu Dhabi Pedestrian Safety Action Plan that developed roadway safety audits, countermeasures and best policies for over 150 pedestrian high-frequency crash sites. Boulanger was originally recruited from The State of Hawaii by the City of Vancouver where he served as the senior transportation planner for the City’s then new Neighborhood Safety & Livability program within its Transportation Services section. Boulanger also served in the US Peace Corps Philippines as a volunteer and technical trainer for Local Development Planning.

Boulanger’s local experience includes serving as a planner for the State of Hawaii, Department of Health’s Family Health Services Division and research assistant for the Water Resources Research Center. He also served as a research assistant at the University of Hawaii where he conducted research on operations and light rail guideway technology choices used by the City Council during its evaluation of proposals for the HART 2 Project in 1992. Additionally, his local volunteer experience included serving as Hawaii Bicycling League’s Community Affairs Committee leader during Honolulu’s 1999 Bike Plan and as an early advocate for the City’s traffic calming pilot program.

Boulanger earned his masters of urban and regional planning from the University of Hawaii Manoa and his bachelor’s degree in political science and Asian business from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Boulanger returned to Hawaii when he joined Bikeshare Hawaii in 2018 as its executive director.