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Aloha my fellow members,
We apologize for the delay in sending this newsletter. It's just one of those busy days! But as you know yesterday was Martin Luther King's Day and in honor of this holiday I would like to share one of my favorite MLK's quotes that beautifully captures the essence of service:
"Everybody can be great ... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love." - Martin Luther King Jr.
With this inspiring note, I am asking you to consider the service opportunities below. Donate the hygiene kit bag for "Women in Need" shelter or join us for the Tree Planting service day on January 23rd! 
With aloha,
Ary Radnaeva
2020 - 2021 President of the RCHS

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT - Donate Welcome Hygiene Sets for "Women in Need" Shelter

by Glen Bailey
Request all members of the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset donate at least 1 Welcome Hygiene Set. The women that stay at the Women in Need Shelters come out of prison, domestic abuse situations, homelessness, or drug rehab programs.  When they enter the facility, they,  in most cases come with just the clothing they are wearing.  For the past 10 years our club has provided Welcome Hygiene Sets that they give to newly arrived women entering the shelters. Here is a list of the items  we are requesting you purchase and put in your donated set.  
  • Large Cloth Shopping Bag to hold the items
  • One bath towel, 1 hand towel, and 2 face towels
  • 1 large shampoo and a bottle of hair conditioner
  • 3 bars of hand soap and one deodorant
  • 1 package of women razors and shaving cream
  • 1 hair brush and 1 comb 
  • 1 set of hair clips and/or hair ties 
  • I tooth brush and tubes of tooth paste
  • Hand cream and face wash.
Our goal is to collect and deliver at least 25 sets but more will be appreciated.  Once your donated set is completed reach out to Glen via phone at 808 392 7170 to arrange for me to pick–up or provide you drop off options. Thank-you!


The Tree Planting service project is rescheduled for 2021! See the details below and sign up!


WhereGunstock Ranch (56-250 Kamehameha Hwy)
When: Saturday, January 23rd, 2021
8:30 am - 10:30 am (2 groups of 5 ppl in each) 
10:30 am - 12:30 pm (2 groups of 5 ppl in each) 
What: Each person will plant 10-15 trees.  These trees will never be cut down or sold for profit.   

How: Holes are pre-dug!  Training, equipment, parking, and directions will be provided.

2 spots left for 10:30 am - 12 :30 pm, first come, first served! Sign up by emailing to our Club's President and Tree Planting Ambassador Ary at

Our speaker last week was Jose Barzola. Jose has a passion for creating social change through nonviolence, nurturing relationships that transcend cultural barriers, and focusing on issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity. He is currently the Educational Specialist and Affiliate Faculty at the Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, a Peace Educator with Ceeds of Peace, a Program Advisor for the Institute for Climate and Peace, and a Board of Director for the Conflict Resolution Alliance, a local nonprofit that aims to develop and support peacebuilders in Hawai'i. Jose gave a great presentation about peacebuilding during the pandemic times. It is all about connecting the community and having dialogs and developing collaborations locally and globally. Throughout the pandemic, the Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution was able to host multiples virtual talk on peace, education, culture and youth empowerment. 
If you have any additional questions or would like to reach out to Jose, feel free to contact him via
Please join us for our weekly meeting on Zoom! Our usual informal happy (half) hour begins at 6:00 pm, and the bell rings at 6:30 pm to formally start the meeting. 
Our speaker this week will be Dr. Robert Mann. Robert (“Bob”) Mann, PhD is a board-certified forensic anthropologist and adjunct Professor in the departments of anatomy and pathology at the John A. Burns School of Medicine University of Hawaii. His former positions include Director of the U.S. Department of Defense Forensic Science Academy (2007-2014), Anthropologist and Deputy Scientific Director of the Central Identification Laboratory (1992-2014), physical anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution (1988-1992), and Assistant Director in Pathology and Assistant Morgue Director at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine, Tennessee (1987). While at the Central ID Laboratory in Hawaii, Bob did more than 55 search and recovery missions for missing American servicemembers around the world and currently serves as forensic anthropology consultant to the Honolulu Medical Examiner’s office.
Bob has examined more than 13,000 human skeletons and specializes in skeletal trauma, bone disease, and human variation. Some of his most notable cases include Jeffrey Dahmer’s first victim, New York serial killer Kendall Francois (killed 8 women and kept their bodies in his parents’ house), the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and sailors who died aboard the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor and the CSS Hunley, the first submarine to sink a ship in battle. Dr. Mann is a visiting professor, lecturer, and researcher at numerous medical schools, hospitals, and universities in the U.S., Thailand, and Europe. He serves on six editorial boards and has written 6 books on physical and forensic anthropology and more than 125 scholarly papers. 
To join the meeting via Zoom, please follow this link:

Meeting ID: 865 8869 6909

Passcode: 1995

Dial by your location: +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma).


I am Jim aka James Siebert Hoban, Jr. My Grandmother, Sadie, was so grateful to her doctor for delivering my father after 3 days in labor that she added the doctor’s name, Siebert, next to my dad's name. That's how our dynasty began, from a humble log cabin in Chicago (not), to our estate in Kaneohe. I ventured from home at the tender young age of 17, right after high school, to join the Air Force as a pilot.  Unfortunately, they had all the pilots they wanted so I became a Morse radio operator; and I can still decipher morse code in my sleep. I was looking forward to the 2021 RI Convention in Taiwan, because I spent 18 months in Taiwan, as part of my tour of duty. Now the pandemic will not make this happen!
I am Dad, together with my BFF Beth of 52 years, to 5 grown-up children and Grandpa to 7 grandchildren (4 months to 11 years old) who are a joy of our lives.  After graduation from the University of Illinois, in 1973 (thanks GI Bill), with a BS in Biology, Minor in Chemistry and History, Beth and I, along with our 3 year old son, decided that Hawaii was the best place to raise a family.  We packed up our 1970 Chevy Nova and headed West!  Arriving in Hawaii, in the middle of a gas shortage, we also found that people were hoarding toilet paper. The job market at that time was dim; so I took any job that was available.  The Dept of Defense held a special opening for vets as a WG-1 Janitor.  I took it and was the guy who would go out to the Arizona Memorial every morning and prepare it for the daily onslaught of tourists.  When an opening came up for apprentice high voltage electrician, I jumped at it. While training on the job, I took advantage of the GI bill, enrolling at Chaminade University for the MBA program.  When I received my MBA, I switched gears and chose the vocation that led to me to my present occupation.  My position sent me on several trips to the Philippines, Japan and the West Coast. The position as Chief Financial Officer for IPAC gave me the responsibility for a $13 M budget.  Beth, in her great wisdom, started Prime Care Services Hawaii, Inc in 1994, a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency.  I was fortunate to be able to take an early retirement at 49 with 25 years of service.  Yes, it was time to join Beth full time as CFO of Prime Care Services Hawaii. 
Prior to my joining Beth full time, I was introduced to Rotary by Albert Bediones, who sponsored me to join the Rotary Club of Pearlridge, was club president, and met many bankers. One of them was Roy Matsuo, who facilitated the first line of credit for Prime Care.  It was much needed and appreciated since the business grew really fast!  That was our first networking vocational experience! 

I was invited by Albert to move to the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset evening meeting and the rest is history.  I sponsored Beth as a member.  Beth and I enjoy the evening meetings for fellowship among our members, who have become our ohana, and the caliber of speakers to expand our knowledge.  Recently, when both of us had some health scares, we received some wonderful healing wishes and humorous ones (Thanks, Glen) from our Rotary ohana members.

Beth and I have been working full time side by side since 1994 (and we still love each other!). This year, 2021, Prime Care will be affiliated with a larger healthcare organization, Ohana Health, to expand home healthcare services in our community.  We look forward to retirement, in the near future, where I hope to play golf more than once a year.  We look forward to some travel and perhaps, a cruise, when travel will be safer.  Aloha!
President Ary Radnaeva


“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” 
- Martin Luther King Jr.
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Feb 04, 2021
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Feb 11, 2021
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Fundraising Initiatives Update
for 2020
by RCHS's President, Ary Radnaeva.
2020 year has been very difficult in many ways, especially, financially...We were not able to host our Annual Fundraiser event in support of our club's community service projects and global grants. Our Club had to figure out the new and creative ways to raise funds in support of these projects. And we did it!!! YAY!
Heartfelt thank you to all of our great members and community partners for their unwavering support. Our Club members commitment to Rotary and Rotary's values inspire me to continue the good work that we do in the community! 
  • Win Schoneman 
  • Rich Zegar 
  • Il Kim 
  • James Ham 
  • Glen Bailey
  • Sandy Gaston 
  • Ayman El Dakhahkni 
  • Jane Ferreira 
  • Jerry Taniyama 
for your generous monetary contributions, as well as, everyone who supported by donating silent auction items to the Club's online auction, buying the items via website and bringing community partners to contribute to our fundraising initiatives!
Please review the 2020 fundraising report below.
RCHS’s Fundraising Initiatives:
  1. Online silent auction – November 16 – 30, 2020 on (Includes donations made via the website). Total raised - $2173.03
  2. Monetary donations from the members Total raised: $9823.68
  3. Partnership with Himalayan Kitchen restaurant – Donation of $300 (The funds were not received yet but committed to be donated)
Total of 2020 Fundraiser - 
To summarize, our Club has successfully achieved a goal of raising funds to provide a full financial support to the community service projects and global grants for this Rotary year (2020-2021). Congratulations to everyone and thank you so much! 
With aloha,
RCHS President Ary Radnaeva
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