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Oct 13, 2022 6:30 PM
Oct. 13 - May del Rosario
KITV 4 Media


Personal training, Business Consulting... and Channel 4!


My name is May del Rosario and I am an Account Executive at KITV 4. As an account executive I’m responsible for building partnerships with local businesses. I offer advertising opportunities that promote growth for both participating clients and KITV. This is an exciting change of pace in my career where I was previously in the field of fitness. I have been a health and fitness professional for over 30 years specializing in almost all areas of fitness such as cardio classes, martial arts, strength, endurance training, marathons, corporate fitness bodybuilding, fitness pageants, weight management, and meditation practices. In addition, as a personal trainer I provide health and wellness training, life coaching, and
conscious mentoring to encourage and motivate individuals of all ages. I have trained patriots from various backgrounds such as Marines, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard personnel, teens, young adults, and seniors.
My mission in life: Own a farm,invest in business franchises and residential properties.
My favorite color is red. I enjoy the outdoors, fitness, shopping, yoga, and meditation daily.

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