The Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset has a history of strong leadership in District 5000...and they said it couldn't be done!


By Club Historian Past President Samir El Swaify

In 1995 Rotary Club of Waikiki members David Choate, Harold Estes, Ayman El Dakhakhi and Joe Phillips discussed the possibility of forming  the first evening club in Hawaii.  There were many doubters; never the less, they began having meetings at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel in October of that year under the watchful eye of then District Governor Pete Mueller. The Rotary Club of Honolulu volunteered to be the sponsor club and Charlie Weems proposed the name “Honolulu Sunset”.  On December 15, 1995, the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset became District 5000’s first evening club with 40 members, Joe Phillips as the Charter President and David Choate as the President Elect.  PDG Linda Coble represented the Rotary Club of Honolulu at an elegant evening Charter Party.  Meetings continued at the "PK" until moving to the Waikiki Yacht Club in 1997 under then Club President Ayman El Dakhakhni.

Our Club Logo(s)

Our official club logo comes from artwork purchased by 1997-1998 Club President and 2008-2009 District Governor Ayman.

  The logo to the left was termed "the swoosh" and was, originally, intended to be the top banner for newsletters.

One of many logos used today.


  During the Rotary Year 2000-2001 our club had 100% of members as Paul Harris Fellows!



By Samir A. El-Swaify
Club Vocational Chair 2019-2020 (Past President, 2006-2007)
In early club history segments for our Newsletter, I summarized overall club evolution and sequence of presidents. This segment addresses questions about the logos which are used to inspire our members and promote our club’s public recognition.
While two logos have been prominently used and displayed on membership shirts, certificates and publications; a third sign is always displayed at the venue of our weekly meetings. It hangs prominently overhead, and simply says: RCHS: The Aloha Club! As impressive this banner is (see below), it has not been used as one of our logos. Rather, it is an expression that was used by founding members as a distinctive Theme for the club at early days.
The HULA LADY was the original club logo and became identified as the club’s insignia. It was initially designed and used by artists in recognition of a State of Hawaii centennial, with owner rights to former club member Dan Foxman.   He later yielded it to PP/PDG Ayman El-Dakhakhni for a cost, so technically speaking, Ayman still “owns” the copyright to this logo which has been most popular for use on the club’s work and designer shirts.
A later logo, now known as the SWISH or Swoosh is the familiar image on the club’s letterheads. It was designed by Terri, the wife of then club member Ragai Zidan was a designer by profession, and had initially provided it for use on the tickets of early club fundraisers at the La Pietra School for Girls. PP/PADG Liz Kane who served as the club’s newsletter editor during those years, selected and used it as the newsletter’s logo. As you can see at the top of recent club newslettesr and on other RCH Sunset publications, it still shines distinctively as our club’s “letterhead” at the present time.
Beginning July, 2016, then  new club president Marco Schlesser adopted the statement below; a combination of the SWISH and his favorite sentence as a theme for his year, and perhaps beyond. A creative and positive message for the years since.